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21 Sextury

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Chain smoker sexy Lou got a much bigger balck one
Chain smoker sexy Lou got a much bigger balck one

Sexy Lou Charmelle is a chain smoker, she lights one cigarette after the other, inhaling the austere yet intoxicating smoke deep. Her new lover wants her to quit her addictive habit and Lou Charmelle is completely bewildered – until she found out there’s some thing to smoke, blow and enjoy instead of cigarette: she drops into the habit of having his thick “cigar”…!

Watching My Daughter Go Black

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Watching My Daughter Go Black

Words can not describe the outrage I have at my daughter, Lexi Diamond, when I came home from work to find her doing bad things. Can you blame me? I work 40 hours a week plus overtime for an asshole boss so I can put a roof over her head only to find her messing around with one of those rapper looking guys. I yelled at her and she came back at me with the revelation that watching her fuck this guy would be in my future. I scolded her but was paralyzed by fear once the big black guy stared me down. It was either get my ass kicked or watch my little sweetie pie fuck him so I kept quiet and watched as he violated her all over my furniture. Once it was over I shook my head and felt tears about to roll down my face. I had just realized she’s a little black cock slut much like her mother but that’s another story.

Interracial blonde massage

Monday, March 8th, 2010

The Replacement Masseuse

Lex is going for his weekly massage but his regular masseuse isn’t available. Giselle, the replacement masseuse, is very happy to finally have the chance to massage Lex’s gigantic cock and to ride it in order to relieve him of his tension.

Interracial Pickups

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Interracial Pickups Interracial Pickups

Charlotte Vale wasn’t in Kansas anymore. My gas tank was as full as my balls were and pickiping up my newest addition was my main focus. She was all dressed up to go someplace fance but her plans went to shit since her ride was nowhere to be found. Thank my lucky stars that it was a windy day so her blue dress came up just enough to get some panty shots. There was no doubt in my mind that she’d come home with me for some freaky times with my cameras getting it all. She whispered to me that she’d never done any porn let alone interracial porn and her family would disown her if they ever found out. I kept telling her over and over again that it would never happen since I only collect porn I’m in ; I don’t release it.Once that lie sunk into her head she was more at ease as she lost every stitch of clothing she had on and I couldn’t wait to get her masturbating on camera. The bitch knew how to finger fuck herself like a pro and that got her ready to slide my big black dick in her mouth one inch at a time. Her humongous breasts felt great in the palms of my hands as my pelvis kept thrusting against hers. Her moans quickly went to screams as I pumped that white pussy full of black cock. She begged for my black jizz and she got it all over her milky white face.

Ebony bitch sucking dick

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Fine Black Babe Sucking Cock

Desire had a one-month trial for a paid channel and didn’t know about it until it ran out so she called the technician to come and see what’s wrong with her cable. After telling her that she just didn’t pay for the channels she wanted, she tried to push to get some free channels. After a little teasing, she goes straight for the kill to get what she wanted.

Cuckold Sessions – new cuckold site

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

I’m Trisha Rae and guys do what I want whenever I please. My boyfriend hasn’t been cutting it in the bedroom ( he’s white, can’t blame him for that) so today he’s getting in education in how white girls love getting fucked. Actually, it’s going to be by some big black cocks because they’re the only ones big enough to get me off. First off, I want to amuse myself so my little cuckold is going to wear a male chastity device so his tiny pee pee can’t get hard but he doesn’t need a device for that since he has the white man’s curse. I also made him sit right by me as all 110 pounds of me gets pummeled by the thickest and fattest black dicks I could find. He loved the way my pussy smelled as I sat on his face moments after it housed black cock. He got an earful as those fat black balls slammed against my ass and he quickly realized he was out of his league as far as satisfying me was concerned. My tight fuckhole will never be the same but that’s never a bad thing. My boyfriend is now an official cuckold since he did his best to lick off gallons of black jizz that was left behind. I might keep this one around.

Sweet ebony pussy

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Wet ebony pussy
Damsel in Distress

Nyomi finds herself stranded in the middle of Mojave Desert, with no food or water. She is hungered by the thought of not having any cock in sight. A mad man is a pickup truck suddenly appears through the colorless mist of the desert’s heat vapor. In exchange to fuck her ebony pussy, he kindly offers to fix her car. She accepts and a few cum smudges later the mad man goes off in a rage into the desert where he belongs.

Wives fucking black men

Friday, February 20th, 2009

The World’s hottest Milfs have finally hit Mofo’s and they’ve come here for only one reason, to get fucked by Big Black Monster Cock! Watch these mature, cock starved women stop at nothing to satisfy their desire for the biggest, darkest meat they can find!
I Spy on Something that is Big and Black

Totaly Tabitha is waiting in her car for her son after his soccer practice. After numerous times trying to contact him on his cell she decides to search for him. She accidentally ends up walking threw the guys locker room and ends up seeing one of his sons teammates changing. While he is changing she begins to masturbate over his big cock in the corner, not knowing that he knows shes their.

Interracial milf gallery

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Cougar girlfriends go black Cougar girlfriends go black Cougar girlfriends go black

I’m always looking to get paid no matter what. Rae Rodgers was with her middle-aged black cock addict Cougar girlfriends so her son and I jacked her ATM card for some pay. We was in the clear until his Mom caught us red handed. She made a public spectacle of it all and dragged us to their pad where I thought she was gonna have the cops waiting for me. Her son wanted to run for public office some day so she didn’t want no police paper trail. Sky Rodgers eye fucked the shit out of me when she wanted to know if she could fuck with my black dick if I forgot I ever knew her son. I was thinking about it for not even a second before she grabbed my dick, sucked my dick, and rode my big black dick. She made her son watch so he wouldn’t fuck with other thugs such as myself . I can’t tell you how good that white pussy felt on my shit as I pounded it until she shook from cumming on it right before I unleashed my own load of cum onto her face giving her a huge cum facial!

Blacks On Cougars

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Blacks On Cougars brings you crazy dick starved middle-aged housewives that are tired of being the good little housewife and wanna suck some REAL BLACK COCK! We’re here to bring it all to you in HD downloadable & streaming porn video!
Welcome To Blacks On Cougars! Welcome To Blacks On Cougars! Welcome To Blacks On Cougars!

The snail mail I get on a daily basis ranges from ordinary to absolutely ridiculous. I got a letter from someone referring to himself as a “Limp Dick white Boy”. This guy loves interracial porn and was hoping to see me take on two big black dicks. It just so happened that I came across Ice Cold and CJ Wright as I was mailing back the sad sack of shit white boy. I knew I was in for a treat since all my interracial sexcapades had guys with no less than a foot of meaty,black dick in their pants.Both guys took me to my limits and I knew this when I initially went on my prowl for younger black cock. Fuck, they both stretched me so much that it felt like I was giving birth to nothing but black cock and my pussy hasn’t been the same since.

Watching My Mom Go Black

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Interracial MILFs & Cougars Interracial MILFs & Cougars Interracial MILFs & Cougars

It’s always fun to sell “product” to white boys. They think cause I’m black that my shit is the best. They realize it ain’t all that way after I get the fuck out of dodge. I was selling Lisa Demarco’s kid some mary jane and was off to pay my cell phone bill when she caught us in the act. I thought she was a narc but she didn’t read me my rights nor did she show me a badge. We soon got back to their place and I almost snapped her head back when I jammed my black cock down her cougar mouth. For good measure Luisa De Marco had her boy watch as I tore his Mom’s pussy up! I dropped my black cum load on her and quickly was off to sell more shit to some dumb crackers.

Black cum bang movie galleries

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Black cum bang

Black rap artists love to get platinum albums but apparently aren’t too fond of staying faithful to Miss Platinum , a flawless piece of ebony ass. Her story mirrors the other black girls we’ve comforted in their time of need. You see, it looks like all black men have a gene that tells them to find and fuck white pussy. Dick James has that gene since he was caught playing tonsil hockey with a white slut who is as white as they come. Ms. Platinum slapped him harder than a courtroom prosecutor and she was off to our lair to get the deserved revenge she’s been seeking. It’s a good thing she didn’t break a nail on his face since she was jerking cock as she was sucking another. Miss Platinum had the stamina to bounce from dick to dick sucking in peckerwood penis. This ebony bitch can do it all except keep black men from cheating on her. Hey, its genetics after all.

Black girl gangbanged and gets cumshot

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Heidi Waters has caught her black husband in a lie. We all know that black men gravite towards white pussy like an unemployment check. Heidi Waters has found out that her black husband has once again fucked around on her with a white girl. You can see the pain in her eyes moments before they are glazed shut by the union of the Cumbanger’s. Heidi Waters came to us seeking solace in a time of need. She wanted to do something that would make her man enraged with anger. I called up several of my Confederate Cohorts and we turned Heidi’s face into a mess of thick redneck cum. Black men………think twice before you fuck around on your girl with a snow bunny. We’ll be waiting in the wings.

Hot little redhead bitch gets the fuck of her life

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Girl gets bent over and plowed by 14 inch monster black cock

Amanda Blue is working part time as a car sales woman and gets to meet alot of new people everyday. Her favorite way of passing time is to fantasize about fucking each and every customer that walks up in the back seat of the car. When O.G. and Todd Todd go to buy a car from this curvy, busty, young professional whore, She didn’t realize it would be her lucky day! When O.G. took her back to his place and unleashed his huge black cock, shocked little Amanda was speechless but eager to fuck and suck on that massive cock! She of course suggested the Hummer..

Big black cock banging

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Freaks of Cock – Picnic Basket Blowjob!
Mia Lina - Picnic Basket Blowjob

Take Mia Lina out to a picnic and show her some huge black sausage for her to eat and you got a great time watching her suck that cock down!! Mia’s petite body looks so damn good when its taking that massive cock deep in her little pussy it should be enjoyed like a romantic sunset at the park… or a raunchy whore that makes sure that cum splatters ALL over her face!!!

Bruthas Who Luv Muthas

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Taking a break we went to go play some bowling. A sexy blonde caught our eye and we went up to her and started talkin with her. She has always wanted to have some fun on the side and we just gave her the chance to live it out.
Smoking hot blond chick gets hammered hard in the cooch

We were supposed to got to the bowling alley but my boys did not show up. It was a blessing in disguise that they were not around and I got myself a hot blonde MILF. I came to her and asked her to play other ball games. Totally Tabitha knew what was running on mind and we went to my place right away. I was pounding this busty girl like hell and you can see more of Totally Tabitha getting wild on the couch when you.

Cock Competition

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Cock Competition – Taking It Deeper!
Cock Competition - Taking It Deeper Cock Competition - Taking It Deeper Cock Competition - Taking It Deeper

Lindsey and Missy fuck their way to the top ranks of Cock Competition when they show off those two smooth round asses and cute little petite bodies! These girls dont mess around! They know how to deep throat O.G.’s massive cock and do it till they really cant take it anymore! Check out who took it the deepest!!!

Freak movie porn

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Freaks of Cock – Hairstyling Cock Sucking!
Freaks of Cock - Hairstyling Cock Sucking

OG Mudbone needs his pubes looking good, what better way to get ‘em done than banging a huge ass, busty whore sucking on his gigantic cock!? Nikki Grind LOVES sucking cock and making it look real good!!!

Huge Titty Knockout

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Freaks of Cock – Huge Titty Knockout!
Freaks of Cock - Huge Titty Knockout Freaks of Cock - Huge Titty Knockout Freaks of Cock - Huge Titty Knockout

Damn this slut is what Freaks Of Cock is about!! Big titties, big juicy ass and a HUGE cock to fuck the shit out of a hot wet pussy! Ricki is a complete knockout and will definitely go down but can she handle the cock champion OG? We took her to train a bit before putting her up to the challenge…

Biggest freak cock

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Samantha takes a huge cock and loves it Sexy Samantha strips and gives insane blowjob Trashy slut Samantha fucks a huge black cock

This little hottie Samantha is a naughty girl scout. She offered some of her girl scout cookies, but O.G. had a better idea. Boy was she shocked at one glance of O.G.’s massive cock, but even better, she was curious enough to stick around and see if she could handle him!

Blackzilla moms piece of ass

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Megan Reece Megan Reese gets her pussy pounded hard with a huge black cock Megan Reese tackles on a big black hard cock

The thing with white girls with big booties is that they usually have great big booties and they know how to fuck. Well let me tell you this is for sure the case with Megan. She sucked Justin’s dick like a pro and he fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Don’t miss out on this scene , she’s got a great ass.

Mature wife and black cock

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Busty ass woman Jaylyn Rose Jaylyn Rose suck big black dick Busty ass woman getting pounded by a big black cock

My man Justin Long loves theses white girls with big titties and fat booties. He’s lucky, once in a while a hottie like Jaylyn Rose comes along, who has a great ass and humongous tits. Justin just gets to fuck the shit out of this girl in this episode. You can tell Jaylyn loved every second of his big black dick inside of her.

Big booty woman with chubby pussy

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Big latin booty Lorena Sanchez Hot Latinas pussy Lorena Sanchez Lorena Sanchez getting pummeled by a monster black cock

Daaaaamnnnnn!! What a fine latin slut Lorena Sanchez is!! This girl has everything!! Beautiful face, a nice pair of titties and a big round tight booty that made us all go fuckin’ craaaazy when we first saw her!!! Justin couldn’t wait to bang this latin beauty. So we wasted no time and got her all oiled up and ready for his big cock but we had no idea what this chick was about!! She fucked that cock like some kind of superstar! and got a big mouthful in the end!! AMAZING!!!

Hot chick big black dicks

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Busty Milf Devon Lee Busty Milf getting pounded hard by a serious big black dick Devon Lee gets a big black cock down her pussy

Devon Lee , oh my gosh what a sexy body. We ran into her at the local strip mall, she was looking for a big black dick. The only name that came to mind was Justin Long. She got her hot pussy destroyed by Justin, but loved every friggin minute. This is officially my favorite Butts & Blacks scene, enjoy black boys.

Sandra Romain cheats on her husband with a big black dick

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Sandra Romain Sandra Romain sucks big black dick Sandra Romain getting her pussy pummeled by one of the biggest black cocks out there

Check this out! Sandra Romain is such a horny black cock lover that as soon as her boyfriend left the house, she was calling my man Justin to give her a hard pounding with his huge cock! Justin showed up at her place in no time and gave this babe the hardest pounding ever!! and the biggest load all over her sexy face!!!