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Monthly Archives: November 2010

FB Hotties

Amateur submitted video featuring many positions
Amateur submitted video featuring many positions

Yellow top, yellow futon, and blond hair …it’s safe to say this woman wanted to come across as fun! And what isn’t fun about getting your dick sucked and having a hot Latina with a big round ass climb on top of your cock and go for a ride? This 14 minute submission comes from two amateurs who absolutely know how to get each other off, with lots of positions including him standing with her wrapped around his waist at FB Hotties!

College True Life

Drunk college girl is getting fucked at the backyard
Drunk college girl is getting fucked at the backyard

Everyone loves a party and the best of them happen when gorgeous chicks end up having one too many. Who can resist the site easy trashed girls? They’re loud, they’re playful, they’re not always the hottest or the most refined, but they’re horny and they don’t know how to say no! Check this one out at College True Life!

Porn Traveling

Today we finally saw a waterfall, but we had no chance of making love there. Too many people around! Then I decided to teach Polina to drive a motorbike. I showed her how to start it, what pedals to press, but she was too scared to drive by herself. Anyway, we found another way to use a motorbike, a much more interesting way. Polina looked so hot in a helmet, like some bike-show chick. She took off everything except her helmet, and I got really hard! Man, I’ll never forget that extreme sex of ours! Banging a chick on a motorbike on a deserted road – what can be better than that? Fucking on a motorbike is quite dangerous, as you can fall from it, but believe me, it’s worth the risk! You don’t believe me? Well, either watch this video or try it yourself!
Babe suck and is fucked

Before going to the beach I asked Polina to try on her bathing suits for me. She made a real show for me, my sexy cutie. We had a very relaxing time on the beach, eating fruits, drinking cocktails, chatting and joking. Then Rita and Eric joined us. While Eric was riding a bycicle, Polina massaged Rita, applying coconut oil all over her tanned body. Damn, it looked so sexy! Polina massaging Rita’s back, thighs and butt, Rita purring with pleasure. I just couldn’t help getting hard! Maybe I’d try to join them, but there were too many people around, and besides, Rita is Eric’s girlfriend. Though maybe he would join us too… Anyway, I had no other choice but to watch those nasty girls teasing me at Porn Traveling!