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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Doctor fucking videos and clips

Doctor Stevens gets slammed in the emergency room
Doctor Stevens gets slammed in the emergency room
Barry is ashamed to come back to Dr. James’ office for the second time this week. The problem is he jerked off too hard and popped a blood vessel in his dick!!! Dr. Tanya will use natural medicine to fix this one… A dose of oral and vaginal techniques should do it!!!


Big Tits In Uniform

Big Tits In Uniform brings you the most amazing, big breasted women dressed up in some of the hottest daily work outfits you’ve ever seen! Doing what they do and teasing you with their huge, bulging tits right before they get stripped down and fucked hard! If she’s a soldier, police woman, or even a construction worker, her gigantic boobs will find a way out of their tight uniform!
Big Tits In Uniform
Keiran has the hots for the lifeguard at the public pool, so he devises a plan pretending that he is drowning so she could rescue him and give him mouth to mouth resuscitation. While she is giving Keiran mouth to mouth he sticks his tongue down her throat, which bothers her because she would rather have his tongue on her pussy.

Mofos lunch break fuck

Lunch Break Fuck

Nataly is having a nice little cocktail with her friend Ginger, until the usual topic that girls always chat about… Big Dicks. Looking at the waiter, she notices he has a tiny penis and keeps her eyes open for a big one. Keiran comes in the restaurant 30 minutes ahead of time for his friend and after a lovely chat with the two girls, he takes Nataly in the back for a wild ride until she screams and shakes all over him over and over.

HD big wet butts videos

HD big wet butts movies
Dont you wish your girl was a freak like me
Andi Anderson accompanies her best friend shopping spree to get a chance to spend some time with her bestfriend’s boyfriend, Scott Nails. Andi will pull out all the stops to have a taste of Scott’s big dick in her mouth and deep in her ass. Andi is one dirty, ass reamage loving girl! No girlfriend can compete with that.


Mofos world wide sex

Lost in Time and Space

Bridgette hosts a party with hopes that a big cock shows up, her friends introduce her to an American who thinks the only Spanish you need to know is the a famous movie line, “Hasta la vista, baby”. Bridgette thinks its so cute and the fact that the American tried, she in turn takes her risk by trying out his cock. Both are pleased except for the guests that had to wait out 2 hours before the host returned.

NERD Pass presents POV Fixation

NERD Pass presents POV Fixation
The other day I got a friend of mine Tiffani Thompson coming to check out my new apartment I rented. Well I also got a new telescope to look at naked people in the windows since its completely useless during the day. But fuck telescope, stars and windows. I wanna focus on Tiffany. This hot blond is so fucking sexy and hot that with her you forget anything else. She also knows how to suck cock and fuck. And I mean proper fuck not some bullshit. On top of everything I love seeing cute blonds getting fucked and sucking mean dicks. Just watch the whole episode…


Sweet ebony pussy

Wet ebony pussy
Damsel in Distress

Nyomi finds herself stranded in the middle of Mojave Desert, with no food or water. She is hungered by the thought of not having any cock in sight. A mad man is a pickup truck suddenly appears through the colorless mist of the desert’s heat vapor. In exchange to fuck her ebony pussy, he kindly offers to fix her car. She accepts and a few cum smudges later the mad man goes off in a rage into the desert where he belongs.

Busty fucking her boss to keep her job

Busty Kerry fucking her boss to keep her job
Charles Dera the Brazzers boss is going on a rampage firing all the Brazzers directors. Once director Kerry Louise enters Charles office her ignorance, big tits, and fucking abilities pays off because it saves her from getting fired. Actually, only till Charles is done banging her.


Big butt style

Two sexy sluts gets pounded in there tight asses by the lead singer of a band
Aletta and Jenny fucking the singers big hard cock after the shhot
Aletta and Jenny have been hired to appear on the new “Juggalites” music video: “Big Butt Style”. They show up late but they look so hot that no one seems to care. During the shoot of the music video, Keiran pours enormous amounts of oil on their asses and sticks his fingers in their assholes. They love it and get really horny and after the shoot, they ask Keiran to fuck their Big.


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Busty Mom fucking young hard cock for saving her from public nudity
Karrlie Dawn fucks her rescuer from public nudity
Karrlie is in the shower when she hears the doorbell ring. She gets out of the shower and walks to the front door. She sees a package waiting for her. As she walks out of the house she looses her towel and decides to hurry and pick up the package anyway. Unfortunately the door locks behind her!She panics as she is completely locked out.