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Monthly Archives: November 2008

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Melissa Lauren fucks the corrupt politician

Journalist Melissa Lauren is determined to capture a photo of Mr. Dera the politician doing something dirty. Once she finds out he has a thing for big tits she immediately jumps on the opportunity with her well equipped rack to set him up.

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Jordan Ash has decided not to have sex or jerk off for 40 days and 40 nights. His friends don’t believe in him and are betting when he will blow his load. With temptations all around Jordan breaks when confronted by two beautiful blonds who know how to fuck real good.

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Lucky Benton calls in a fireman to turn her pussy fire off

Lucky’s tits and pussy are literally on fire, they’re just burning for some big cock. She fakes a fire in her classroom to get everybody out so a big strong fireman can come and blow his hose on her!!!

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Sexy blond babe convinces her coworker to give her his big cock
Puma Swede wants what every chick in the office is getting a big hard cock to fuck Puma Swede wants what every chick in the office is getting a big hard cock to fuck Puma Swede wants what every chick in the office is getting a big hard cock to fuck

Jordan hasn’t been showing up to work on time and he has been fucking all the secretaries. These things aren’t going to help him with his end of the month evaluation. Puma Swede sees no reason to keep Jordan on the payroll. One thing is for sure she needs to find out if all the rumors about Jordan’s cock are true. If Jordan performs well he can keep his job. This bombshell with massive tits doesn’t know what she’s in for.

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Shawna challenged Charles to a one on one drag race and she put her own car on the line if ever she was to loose… and she did of course!!! Not willing to give her car away, she tries to fuck her way out of this one and her girlfriend Jessica won’t let Charles have those tits for himself…

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It’s Nadia’s first day as a dental assistant and she did a very bad job cleaning Jordan’s mouth. Jordan threatened to talk to Dr. Stevens about it so Nadia gave him a blowjob. Dr. Stevens catches Nadia sucking his dick and gets really angry but not because she was blowing a patient. Because she wasn’t doing it right!!

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Butt lovers beware! I don’t think I can explain how well this girl can shake her ass!! Rachel Starr’s ass is going to put you in an inescapable trance. She has it all; beautiful face, amazing tits, and a wonderful ass. See Rachel get all oiled up and fucked on and around the pool table.

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Cougar Of My Dreams
Holly Sampson Holly Sampson Holly Sampson

Mikey has had his eye on the lady who lived next door to the home that he grew up in since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Who can blame him? Holly is a pretty blond with long slender legs, a perfectly fit body, a perky pair of fake tits and an irresistible flirtatious personality. Finally she agrees to let Mikey prove to her that he can step up his game and treat her as a real man would.

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Kagney Linn Carter wants a big cock to fuck her good

Football Jock Billy is starting shit again in the cafeteria. He starts throwing food over at the nerd table and hits Kagney Linn in the process!She gets real upset and then a crazy food fight ensues!!!The cafeteria and everyone in it got destroyed!Kagney Linn makes Billy pay by licking off the food off her body which lead to even dirtier sex in the cafeteria!

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The legendary Brett Brando has been in the bizz since porn got its dot-com status. Jenny knows it and so do we, so it isn’t any surprise a year after leaving the business she is out of luck and in need of huge cocks to plough into her pussy. They say the average cock in porn grows half an inch bigger every year; Jenny needs that extra inch she missed, she finds Brett’s number and calls him, Brett picks up the camera and Jenny picks up from where she left. Just like the good old times.