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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Hot little redhead bitch gets the fuck of her life

Girl gets bent over and plowed by 14 inch monster black cock

Amanda Blue is working part time as a car sales woman and gets to meet alot of new people everyday. Her favorite way of passing time is to fantasize about fucking each and every customer that walks up in the back seat of the car. When O.G. and Todd Todd go to buy a car from this curvy, busty, young professional whore, She didn’t realize it would be her lucky day! When O.G. took her back to his place and unleashed his huge black cock, shocked little Amanda was speechless but eager to fuck and suck on that massive cock! She of course suggested the Hummer..

Big cock trainer fuck Jodi Beans huge tits

Gorgeous Tits Breaking A Sweat

Jodi Bean loves her giving her curvy figure a workout. Especially when her trainer makes sure she breaks a sweat!! This slut workouts out every inch of her body, from her gorgeous huge tits to her soft dripping wet pussy down to her long silky smooth flexible legs!!! Jodi takes her workout seriously but has plenty of fun when she flexes her throat muscles taking in that huge cock in her mouth! The positions this bitch does is amazing! She bends backwards and sucks hard only to be rewarded with a hard long fuck!!! Jodi will always continue to stay in shape as long as she keeps it up…the cock in her pussy that is!

Shady P.I. – I expose cheating whores through my hidden cams

8 years ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life and married a fucking whore. Of course, when you actually get married, you don’t think your wife is a whore. You’re stupid and think everything is gonna be perfect forever. BULLSHIT!!! It didn’t take long for that piece of shit to start fucking around. Like an idiot, I believed her stories about being just a friend and all that shit. Until I got suspicious enough to hide cameras in my own bedroom. When I saw her fuck that guy, I couldn’t deny anymore. And when you see the footage on my site, you’ll see why you should never trust a fucking whore!
Leslie - Shower Fucking Whore Leslie - Shower Fucking Whore Leslie - Shower Fucking Whore

When Leslie’s husband called me, he was like all the other idiots out there. He was suspicious, but couldn’t believe he was getting cheated on. Even with all the tell-tale signs his wife was giving him, he couldn’t get the big picture. I trailed Leslie for a few days and got some good shots of her walking around. Eventually she hooked up with her dude. They ran a few errands, holding hands. When I showed stills to my client, he got angry. I wired the bedroom with my hidden cams and missed them. These assholes like to do it in the shower. I reset my setup. Leslie invited her boy toy. When the client saw the footage he was devastated but happy to get this piece of shit out of his life.

Mason Moore getting a big cock in her mouth while sleeping

While You (And your Big Titties) Were Sleeping….
Mason Moore gets a good afternoon fucking wake up call

Keiran hooked up with Mason Moore at a party but she went to sleep before he could get any action. Knowing she wanted his big fat cock between her big phat tits, he proceeded to see how far he can creep on her while she sleeps without waking her up. She eventually woke up and demanded him to finish the job and fuck her the rest of the night.

High priced pornstar who wants only big cocks to fuck

On Set with Gina Lynn
Gina Lynn being pummeled by the Boom Handlers big cock

Today we go behind the scenes with the ever beautiful Gina Lynn. She looked absolute fantastic and this promised to be a great scene! One problem arose though, Gina was not feeling the male talent today. His dick was too small for her liking. She then notices the Boom Guy or his package rather and demanded that he work with her in the scene! Of course he obliged, who would turn down Gina Lynn? It turned out to be a hot scene and we caught everything on tape!

Busty Student flashes her tits in class and pays the price

Tory Lane becomes the Big Titted Slut of the Year

It is Tory Lane’s turn to get her yearbook picture taken, but she is not giving Danny, the school photographer an easy time. She takes too much time putting on makeup, interrupts the session by talking on her cell phone, and tries to show off more cleavage than Danny can handle. With all Tory’s fellow students watching, Danny becomes impatient with her unwillingness to co-operate, and decides to force a smile on her by fucking her brains out with his big cock.

Horny cougar donates to the local soccer club

Cougars In Heat presents Shayla Leveaux in Bend it Like Cougar
Horny cougar donates to the local soccer club Horny cougar donates to the local soccer club Horny cougar donates to the local soccer club

Danny is one of the young star players on the local soccer club and he’s going door to door in his neighborhood to try and gather donations so that his team can travel to the championship game. One of his buddies told him that he might luck out if he visits the home of a known cougar named Shayla. When he arrives, Shayla is not only happy to have a strapping young lad show up at her front door but she is more than willing to make a donation in return for some sexual favors.