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Monthly Archives: July 2008

The Real WorkOut – August Smith

We here at The Real WorkOut realize that everyone has differnt goals at the gym. You want a firmer ass and legs? Squats on a cock. Toned upper body? Pull-out pull-ups. Tighter tummy? The pussy munch crunch. So sign up now and let our girls work hard to keep you hard!
August Smiths round ass is ravaged with cock outside by the pool August Smiths round ass is ravaged with cock outside by the pool August Smiths round ass is ravaged with cock outside by the pool

Another day at the office waiting for the lovely August to come through for our weekly training session when I doze off a bit reading a magazine. I’m sent in to this crazy dream with August by the pool working out. She has these skin tight spandex shorts on and I can’t keep my eyes off her perfect tight ass and nice perky tits. She slowly starts to undress for me. I get a really close look at her ass and then she beings to get all oiled up. My mouth begins to water as I think about getting a taste of her juicy pussy. I’m rock hard and ready to go. She kneels down and starts licking my cock. The way her tongue follows my cock up and down feels like heaven. I can’t fight it anymore and bend her over. She waits as I sink deep inside that pussy. She is soaking wet and tighter then a vice grip. I pump her full of cock and she rides me like there’s no tomorrow then after I cum all over her pretty face I wake up and she’s waiting for me to start the workout. Was it all a dream?

Busty office girl Nikki Sexxx

Busty office girl Nikki Sexxx will do anything to get a higher ranking
Busty office girl Nikki Sexxx will do anything to get a higher ranking

Nikki Sexxx is the new dish in the office who is about to learn the hardway about asking before touching when she uses Charles copy machine without his permission. She’s made him mad so the only way he is gonna copy anything for her is if she shows him some T’n’A, followed by S’n’D…he’s about to xerox that ass baby!

Bubble Butt Hottie getting her asshole ripped a new one

Adrianna Deville gets her booty slammed hard by big dick Inspector

Inspector Tesoro brings us an ass all too familiar today. Ms. Adrianna Deville was sun tanning quietly when Trent showed up to worship that ass. He wasn’t alone though, he brought his female butt inspector students along for the ride. They were impressed with Mr. Tesoro’s techniques but when things got too hot and heavy , the students had to get out of there…

Sleep Creep – Sweet Dreams Bitch!

These sweet little girls look so innocent, deep in their dreams. I stand a few steps back and and enjoy the fantasy. Fondling warm breasts, fingering moist and relaxed pussies. They look so available, like I could do anything to them. I could tease mouths open with my dick. I could spread legs wide open and rub my cock without anyone ever knowing. I am the Sleep Creep. They let me in, a shadow, to haunt their sweetest dreams.
Ruby Ryder - Sleep Creep Retail

I was carpooling with Ruby after a long day at the mall. I needed to run a few errands there, and she works at a clothing store. She generously offered to share a ride. Just as we were getting on the freeway, we noticed the stalled traffic. Static rivers of red lights. Nothing was moving and we were still only on the access ramp. We would be lucky to even get in a lane before sunset. As we inched forward, Ruby started yawning. Her grip on the steering wheel relaxed. Her eyes blinked from the oncoming car lights. She was so tired, she offered me to sleep over at her place, to avoid unsafely extending the drive in the small hours of the night. But I know Ruby, she’s a flirt, and behind her noble intentions of protecting other drivers, she wanted a piece of dick. I warned her. It doesn’t matter how sleepy she would be once in bed.

Hailey Starr wants big dick and gets big dick

Busty Office Worker says yes to a big dick inside her tight pussy

Hailey Star’s got a real problem. When her stress level gets high at work, she really needs to stick something in her mouth. It could be a cigarette, a pen or even a cock… Looks like Mr. Stratford, Hailey’s boss, has got the solution for her when he offers his dick to fill the gap and calm Hailey’s addiction!

Military Officer slamming big dick in the army

Adrenalynn packs one hell of a pussy punch on a big dick!
Adrenalynn packs one hell of a pussy punch on a big dick

Drill Sergeant Adrenalynn is one tough Bitch towards her new recruits. She knows that being tough is the best way to distinguish the maggets from the big dicks. When Private Keiran Lee shows up with his big cock, she realizes that she may have found her match. It is now to Keiran to drill the drill sergeant’s pussy with his foot long cock.

Tight sexy ass is just asking for a good anal fuck

Our new site Anal Saga is an epic tale about anal sex and everything associated with it. Bright, highly emotional and thrilling content we have prepared for you is a real gift for the true connoisseurs of this niche. There aren’t that many sites in the net that present anal sex from the point of view of relationships between people and don’t treat it as simple as pushing a dick up the ass. Now, one more site is added to this short list, it is our new project Anal Saga. You will enjoy this trepidation and excitement of the sweet girls whose yummy booties are going to be impaled for the first time with fat male shafts; introduction to anal sex with a special initiation ritual; anal sex as a punishment and vice versa as a reward, depending on the situation; anal sex with female co-workers, French maids, nurses; and many other plots and fantasies concerning anal sex. All our content is presented by hi-res photos and DVD quality videos.
Sex-crazy chick eagerly dropping on her knees begging for wild anal action Sex-crazy chick eagerly dropping on her knees begging for wild anal action Sex-crazy chick eagerly dropping on her knees begging for wild anal action

In addition to a strong emotional side and a thrilling story line, our photos and videos can also boast great technicality of anal sex. To be sufficiently accessible during anal intercourse a woman has to assume some specific anal positions vast variety of which will be presented here for you. We are sure you will find something new to learn, and on viewing our material, you will be able to enrich your sex life and namely your anal sex skills. Besides, special anal sex positions help to achieve anal orgasm, it is a specific orgasmic state available only in anal sex when the center of orgasmic sensations moves to a woman’s ass. Women that have experienced anal orgasm, claim that it lasts longer, and the sensations are much stronger than during any ordinary orgasm. So if you haven’t managed to talk your wife or your girlfriend into having anal until now, then probably the prospects of making her climax with her booty will lure her into trying it more than anything else.

Reality Kings top girls

Ice cream bone

THE ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING….Naw actually he just sent his two lovely assistants. They go by the name of Ariel and Alexis Texas. He obviously knows that sex sells. These two hotties bare it all for us on a hot summer day. And to cool off their HOT asses they used some cocoNUT ice cream to do the trick. Watch these two lick ice cream off each other and then prepare to see our boy Ramon cum in and finish the job.

Two sexy asians getting their asses pounded hard

Mika and Priva pounded hard in there asses with a hard cock!
Mika and Priva pounded hard in there asses with a hard cock

TJ got stuck at the local motel and the television didn’t seem to work. He called the office and they guaranteed him entertainment. Forty minutes later two big ass Asian sluts showed up at his door. He was baffled but did not refuse their wolrd famous ASS treatment…

Babysitter fucking with a big dick

Babysitter Payback!
Madison Scott Madison Scott tackling the biggest cock shes ever had Busty Babysitter getting paid with a big dick

Madison Scott is babysitting for Marie and Johnny’s kid and Marie is running late. When Johnny gets home and Madison tells him about Marie’s lateness, he’s sure she’s cheating on him and asks Madison for a big favor: fucking the babysitter and her nice titties to get back at his wife!