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Monthly Archives: May 2008

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Sophia Lomeli tracks down the biggest cock of her life!
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Sophia Lomeli is not happy with the fact that Tricia left the escorting business she runs. Tricia was one of the top models of her agency and not having her in it anymore has made Sophia lose many clients. She wants revenge, so she goes to see Tricia decided to cut her husband Kieran’s cock off to teach her a lesson. But Sophia’s plans change when she sees Kieran’s huge cock, she has never seen a cock like that before so she decides to fuck him and make him cum all over her face.

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Fuck Thy Neighbor!
Carmen McCarthy Big Titted Girl fucks her next door neighbour for spying on her Carmen Mccarthy fucks the peeping toms big hard cock

Carmen McCarthy found out her neighbor Ralph was spying on her. Instead of getting mad, she got turn on by the idea of Ralph watching her and fantasizing about her big natural boobs. She knows he’d love to fuck her boobs and tight pussy just like he has seen her boyfriend do it. So she’s gonna let Ralph pound her hard and cum on her tits.

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Kelly and Ricki are the Famous Butt Busters!
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Big butt busters get a call of a disturbance in the neighborhood and quickly hurry to the scene to investigate. Who they find is Jack Lawrence, also known as Cock master, a man who cannot stop jerking off where his neighbors can see him. He has been scaring local residents out of the area, so Ricky and Kelly take care of this problem by smothering his cock with their big busting butts and putting his cock out of commission.

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Priya Rai controls her assistant with a formula for sexual desire Priya Rai Dr Rai slammed on the her office desk by a sex driven cock

Dr. Priya Rai is working in her laboratory mixing a concoction of chemicals to create a potion that will make a person become obedient. She decides to try it on her assistant TJ. Once he drank the concoction, he was completely under her control. So Dr. Rai ordered him to fuck her hard and make her cum many times.

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Taking a break we went to go play some bowling. A sexy blonde caught our eye and we went up to her and started talkin with her. She has always wanted to have some fun on the side and we just gave her the chance to live it out.
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We were supposed to got to the bowling alley but my boys did not show up. It was a blessing in disguise that they were not around and I got myself a hot blonde MILF. I came to her and asked her to play other ball games. Totally Tabitha knew what was running on mind and we went to my place right away. I was pounding this busty girl like hell and you can see more of Totally Tabitha getting wild on the couch when you.

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Ricki Raxxx Ricki Raxxx Ricki Raxxx

Ricki Raxxx saw her step daughter Marie sucking her boyfriend Ralph’s cock in her room. Instead of getting mad, Ricki got really turned on by Ralph’s big cock. Marie couldn’t get the whole thing down her throat so she decided to go take a shower and told Ralph to hide in the closet. Once Marie was gone, Ricki went in and ask Ralph to follow her to her room where she was going to show him how a real woman sucks and fucks a big cock.

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Cock Competition – Taking It Deeper!
Cock Competition - Taking It Deeper Cock Competition - Taking It Deeper Cock Competition - Taking It Deeper

Lindsey and Missy fuck their way to the top ranks of Cock Competition when they show off those two smooth round asses and cute little petite bodies! These girls dont mess around! They know how to deep throat O.G.’s massive cock and do it till they really cant take it anymore! Check out who took it the deepest!!!

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Alexis Amore Alexis Amore getting fucked hard in a students classroom dream Busty Teacher fucks a big hard cock in class

Chris Johnson kept falling asleep in Ms. Amore’s class but it was for a good reason. He was having a dream of Ms. Amore forcing him to fuck her and pleasure her to pass her class. But when he woke up he was in for a surprise , because the dream felt all too real when Ms. Amore sent him to the principals office…

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Memphis Monroe Memphis Monroe Memphis Monroe

Memphis Monroe is the Sperminator, a big cock hungry machine sent through time to protect the biggest cock of all: Keiran Lee Connor. As she roams through the streets of Modern Day America, her objective is to find Keiran’s cock and fuck it before it’s too late for mankind.

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Rachel Starr Big Titted Interviewee begs for forgiveness by sucking cock Rachel Starr sucks and fucks big cock

Rachel Starr was late for an interview when some jerk stole her cab, but he offered to pay for her. Rachel wasn’t satisfied and kept cursing out the dude in the car. When she got out she also decided to part with evil words. What she didn’t know is that he was the interviewer… but once this came up she gladly dropped her her knees and beg for forgiveness.